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There are two classifications for a commercial buildout. One type is where the tenant takes authority over the buildout after negotiations with the landlord are completed. In the prior negotiation between the parties, they came to an agreement on what changes are authorized to the building and the cost allowance the landlord will contribute for the buildout. When the tenant is in charge, the tenant finds the professionals required to complete the buildout. Necessary hires are typically an architect, a designer (for interior), and a contractor. The complexities of the project will determine how long, (time),  how many, (professionals), and how much. ($$$) This type of buildout tosses the ball in the tenants court and allows the tenant to make determinations on contractors and other professionals involved. Should the tenant go above the allowance, it must come out of their pocket. Having control and the end say-so is wonderful for the tenant, but this way is not always the most cost-effective way to handle your new business. We encourage you to call us first. We can help you with every step involved. When we are hired, we act as your advocate. And we have connections to architects and designers. 

A turnkey buildout, however,  leaves all control with the landlord. The tenant tells the landlord what they require, negotiations are settled,  and the landlord follows through with hiring all professionals. The downside to this occurs when the landlord decides to cut corners with purchases, and the business loses the ability to personalize their new business. 

Tenant Buildout

Are you a tenant seeking a contractor to build out your lease? You've come to the right place! 901UP.com can manage all of your contractor needs and is willing to assist you in finding the right fit for an architect and designer should you not know where to turn to.

Wilbanks Architecture and Associates

We have worked with Stephanie, "Stevie" Wilkinson and recommend her company should you be looking for an architect firm.
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Turnkey Buildout

A turnkey buildout is when the landlord/owner of the building handles the affairs of a buildout. The negotiations take place prior to the the landlord executing the buildout, and the tenant does not receive keys until the buildout is completed. This can save the tenant money as the tenant is not the one in charge at this point, but it also leaves the landlord with the benefit of selecting his/her own contractor, and he/she may decide to go the least expensive route.

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