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Yes, 901up.com holds a license as a general contractor and we also carry insurance. We want to stress, regardless of what company you choose for any type of renovation or remodeling, make certain they are licensed and insured. 

Gage Morefield has been in the contracting industry for over 20 years. He was the former GM for one of the largest and most prominent residential renovation and  restoration firms in Memphis. Gage has seen all aspects of the business from ownership trickling down to the consumer, so he understands all aspects of the industry enabling him to assist his clients in a manner most larger firms cannot.

We would never expect our clients to know what permits are necessary nor would we expect our clients take care of permits when they are needed. Part of a contractors job is to know the laws regarding renovation and remodeling. Once you’ve hired us, we handle everything. 

We’ve used the same skilled professionals for years. They are dependable, proficient in their fields, and efficient so as to not waste time. They are paid on a per job basis, not like an hourly employee, therefore, time is money to them, just as it is for you and me. The workers we hire hold the same values and goals as 901UP.com does. 

Every project differs so obviously this is managed on a case by case basis. There are many factors involved that can effect the timeline of a project. Outdoor projects are most often delayed due to inclimate weather more than anything else. We can’t frame walls or pour cement in the rain. These considerations are mentioned in our contract. However, it is advantageous for all involved to work effectively and get the project completed in a timely manner. 

We customize a draw based on size and scope of work. All details and scheduling are agreed upon beforehand, and laid out in the contract. *Special orders that cannot be returned are always paid for upfront.


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